Domain Agents - helps facilitating the liquidity of IP assets and the monetization of web services, while developing a flexible negotiation and transactional platform. Our proof of concept is the DomainAgents Negotiation Platform. DomainAgents allows domain owners and potential buyers to come together in a productive, balanced, safe and secure venue to negotiate the sale/purchase of domain names.
  Domain Name News - is a centralized source for domain name industy news featuring daily updates on domain sales activity, up-to-the-minute highlights from domain forum discussions, "behind the scenes" views and opinions from industry leaders, and of course, the newest happenings in the domain business straight from people entrenched in it.
  iBegin is a site that does local. Be it local search, local business data, geocoding - if it is related to local, we do it. iBegin is a partner providing data and development services to Strong, Inc in conjunction with our domain development projects.